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Thank you for taking the time to come and visit my new On-line store.

What we eat is hugely important, as they say, "we are what we eat". Our bodies regenerate and heal themselves with what we put into our system. If we put bad food in, the outcome can only go one way…and it isn't a positive one. So, making an educated choice is crucial. Choosing high nutrient dense foods over processed foods/meals/snacks etc is the key. 

From a very young age my parents allowed me to experiment with food. My Mum always cooked for us from scratch, using fresh and seasonal ingredients. A meal in our household was always the best time of the day…and every meal was different...(of course, we had our favourites :-) ). Even when I started BMX racing, my Mum always cooked for my brother and I, so we could eat properly, eating real food when we were away from home. The importance of eating a balanced diet goes a long way...

My knowledge of food and my passion for cycling (in all its wonderful shapes and forms) was the sparks that ignited my desire to create something different from shop bought cycling snacks and energy foods.

I created Chefonabike as  personal journey discovering how and what foods could play an important role in terms of sport performance. I also wasn't happy with what it was available on the market. Sure, plenty of so called "natural" energy bars but after a closer look it was clear even the healthiest bar wasn't actually that good. So, I experimented making my own energy bar. The mighty Granola bar. It was then a matter of time I experimented with other flavours / ingredients / combinations to create a truly super healthy, all natural and delicious Protein Bar and Refuel Bar.